Uniqueness of Cleanerware

For hundreds of years there has not been a major change to the design of flatware.

Cleanerware is designed to keep germs, bacteria and toxic chemicals on the table not in your mouth. Keeping germs and bacteria away from your food will help people live a healthier life.

We didn’t invent the fork. We made it smarter.

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Have you ever thought how many germs and bacteria there are on your table?

We worry so much when food falls on the floor but we don’t seem as worried about food that touches the counter. But did you know that a kitchen counter has twice as many bacteria as your kitchen floor? That is why we created a Smork – smart fork that is floating above bacteria and dirt.

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Cleanerware's Elvira Collection

Cleanerware’ Elvira Collection uses only the finest 18/10 stainless steel which is the top quality industry standards for stainless steel used for flatware. 18/10 grade makes silverware sturdier, shinier and more resistant to rust without making it heavier than conventional utensils. Cleanerware’s Elvira Collection has been forged for extra strength and hand polished to enhance its material and design.

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Forget the Mess

The design of our utensils protects you from the transfer of germs and dirt from table to your mouth. It also protects your table from getting messy. Less mess means less paper towels to clean it. Less paper towels means less trees need to be cut down. Eat healthier and save trees with Cleanerware.

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24 Piece Set

Elvira Collection 24pcs set comes in a beautiful faux leather box. Box includes six knives, six dinner forks, six soup spoons and six tea spoons.

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12 Piece Box

Elvira Collection is also available in individual 12 pcs boxes.

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