Our Story

For hundreds of years there has not been a major change to the design of flatware that would benefit your health, until now.

Cleanerware’s high quality patented design will keep germs, bacteria and toxic chemicals on the table not in your mouth. Keeping germs and bacteria away from your food will help people live a healthier life.

It all started in November 2014 when I was having dinner with friends in a restaurant in New York City. We were all enjoying our dinner and had just finished appetizers. I placed my fork on the plate but when the waiter came to take away the empty dishes, he took the fork and placed it directly on the tabletop. This seemed so unsanitary and unclean.

“Oh how gross. Think about how many germs and bacteria there are on this table!”

– my friend immediately commented.

“I’m so reluctant to eat now… thinking about putting this fork which just touched the table top into the steak and then into my mouth…”

I decided to try and to come up with a solution to this type of situation. Throughout the next 2 years, I have been working to create and invent the new concept of eating utensils. Drafts and prototypes of designs have been made and tested and adjusted over and over again in order to have the best working design that could serve the purpose of creating a new sanitary flatware design and bring the healthy diet and lifestyle to the next level. Healthy eating is such a fundamental and crucial part of life that could benefit our health and well being on a daily and perpetual basis. Eliminating germs and bacteria are also very important. Your steak only touches the plate and never the tabletop, why shouldn’t your silverware do the same?