Germ-Free World

Have you ever thought how many germs and bacteria there are on your table?

We worry so much when food falls on the floor but we don’t seem as worried about food that touches the counter. But did you know that a kitchen counter has twice as many bacteria as your kitchen floor? That is why we created a Smork – smart fork that is floating above bacteria and dirt.

Perhaps, no one in the United States has spent more time investigating the occurrence of bacteria on public surfaces and published more papers on the subject than Charles Gerba. Charles Gerba is a professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona. In 1998, he and his colleagues investigated how well cleaning products could reduce coliform bacteria counts on household surfaces. As part of that research, they measured various locations in the house before any cleaning.

According to them, kitchen counters have more coliform bacteria per square inch than the kitchen floor does. They suggest that we think about the floor as the place in the kitchen that collects the most amount of germs when, in fact, it is the kitchen counter.

In measurements in restaurants Coliforms were isolated from 89.2% of dishcloths and 70% of tabletops. Escherichia coli was isolated from 54.1% of dishcloths and 20% of tabletops. The numbers found for heterotrophic plate count bacteria (HPC) on restaurant tabletops were 45-fold greater after cleaning than prior to cleaning.

We have designed our flatware to be hygienically beneficial to eliminating the transfer of germs and toxic chemicals from the eating surface to your mouth.